Advanced enterprise Information Management Systems

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Ana Hol

University of Western Sydney, Locked Bag 1797, Penrith South DC NSW 1797, Australia

Address: University of Western Sydney, Locked Bag 1797, Penrith South DC NSW 1797, Australia
Phone: 02 9685 9615
Fax: 02 9685 9557


Research Projects  

Study of Collaboration Among Toolmakers

The project looks at how four enterprises in the toolmaking industry can collaboratively work together using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to gain business benefits. The main purpose of this project is to examine and study how these enterprises operate by implementing and using ICT. The study also examines benefits and challenges of eTransformation.

Study of Collaboration Among IT Companies

The project studies how small IT (Information Technology) companies, that already have prior ICT knowledge, are using and implementing ICT in their day to day business operation. Furthermore, the study investigates how companies within ICT industry sector can eCollaborate with the aim to get bigger project and create competitive regions.

Collaborative Project with Penrith Valley Economic Development Board 

This is a collaborative research project on eTransformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Penrith Valley Local Government Area (LGA) established between the Advanced Enterprise Information Management Systems (AeIMS) Research group at UWS and Penrith Valley Economic Development Board (PVEDB). The overall aim of the research project is to develop an eTransformation Strategy and conduct a pilot study to trial the proposed strategy. As a result of this study eT Guide was developed that allows SMEs to track, guide and measure their eTransformation journey.

eTransformation in Developing Countries

Development of the eT Guide has been recognised by researchers in Sri Lanka. We have now started a new project that is comparing developing and developed countries and is aiding SMEs in developing countries to eTransform.  Business Process Evolution Studies Research Node This project studies how the interplay between business processes and ICT implementation can be mapped so that businesses can easier select ICT required for their business.


Currently I teach and coordinate: 

Information Systems in Context

Emerging Trends in Information Systems

Information Systems Deployment and Management 


In the past I taught the following units:

Using Computer Technology

Introduction to Information Technology

Introduction to Programming with Java

Principles of Professional Communication

Computer Applications in Research

Introduction to Programming with Java

E-business Technologies and Applications

Enterprise information Managemente


Information Technology for Virtual Organisations

Interactive Web Site Development

Introduction to Analysis and Design

Computing Project 1 and 2

Computing Research Project B



Selected publications:
  1. A. Hol, An Online System to Guide eTransforming SMEs, School of Computing and Mathematics: Parramatta - University of Western Sydney, 2009
  2. A. Hol and A. Ginige, eTransformation Guide: An Online System for SMEs, IEEE DEST 2009, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009
  3. A. Hol, A. Ginige, and R. Lawson, System Level Analysis of How Businesses Adjust to Changing Environment in the Digital Eco-System, IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies 2007 (IEEE- DEST 2007), Cairns Australia, 2007

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