Conference Proceedings

  • J. A. Ginige, U. Srinivasan, and A. Ginige, "A Mechanism for Efficient Management of Changes in BPEL based Business Processes: An Algebraic Methodology", presented at IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2006), Shanghai China, 2006.

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  • PhD Thesis

  • S. Arunatileka, "Strategic eTransformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector to gain Competitive Advantage", in School of Computing and Information Technology. Parramatta: University of Western Sydney, 2006.

  • Others

  • Hol, A., Ginige, A. and Lawson, R., "A Framework to Identify Progress Made by eTransforming Organisations", presented at Doctor Consortium, 17th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Adelaide, Australia, 2006.